Tom Key

999250_10151478709534632_1548870438_nI am an East Grinstead based Muay Thai fighter / general fitness addict. I have always been a keen athlete and sportsman, playing almost every sport at school being reasonable at most, but never truly excelling at any. I was a pretty fast runner and have always been fit, but I never really had a passion for any of the sports I was playing so I didn’t have the will to strive to improve my skills, technique, or knowledge of the sports. Also being quite small and skinny I didn’t poses the power, strength, or physical presence to compete with the more “physically mature” guys my age.

It is fair to say that Muay Thai changed my life. I found a sport that challenged me, and inspired a passion to improve my technique, fitness, strength, and psychology towards a common goal of becoming a champion.

As a young Muay Thai fighter I focussed on being as technical as possible, and as fit as possible, this lead to me winning nearly all of my fights on points. It was only when a commentator for one of my fights mentioned that the only thing missing was my power and ability to stop the guy. This was also something that my corner were telling me to do at the time…but I just didn’t poses the power to put him away.

It was then that I started to look at ways to be a more complete fighter and incorporate the whole package of technique, fitness, conditioning, speed, strength, and power. Since then I have become much more aware and knowledgeable of the balance of these aspects and since became the English Champion at my weight.

Part of training as a fighter is running; usually the bane of every fighter’s existence, however I seem to be one of the few strange ones who actually enjoy it. This ultimately lead to me running the Brighton Marathon twice with a PB of 3hours 27mins.

I am a huge believer that nutrition and training go hand in hand, and have experimented through the years with various natural foods & supplements to help me achieve my goals. Also being a fighter and having to make a certain weight whist trying to be as fit and strong as possible has given me a great knowledge of what to eat, when, and how much…etc.

So I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you and helping you to achieve your goals!

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