Nathan Da Costa

1975159_281181418711300_1552389791_nI am a Brighton based personal trainer, coach and BS.c SportScientist . Over the past several years, I am lucky enough to have trained people from all walks of life using a number of traditional and unconventional training methods. My passion resides in sports, particularly football, and have served as a strength coach to athletes of all levels, including high school athletics, professional runners, semi-pro football players and upcoming rugby youngsters.

And of course, I have trained a lot of people who don’t care about performance and just want to look good with their clothes off. I’m cool with that too.

As a personal trainer, I have designed training programmes ranging from fat loss and mass building to reversing the effects of diabetes and preparing the body for major surgery (prehabilitation).

I spent 3 years studying at Brunel University to become a sports scientist , allowing me to gain an understanding into the mechanics of the human body. I enjoyed spending time in the laboratory analysing the physiology of training and viewing how adaptable the human body can be. I graduated in 2011 with first class honours. Unapologetically, I became a geek.

I’ve played sports my whole life but always had to work for it. Knowing that I’ll never be a star, determination and hard graft was able to work myself into decent shape. In the beginning I read as much as I could but never really knew what was right or wrong, so I tried everything. Even though I made mistakes, I did make progress. However, these mistakes were the best thing that could have happened to me. I learnt what works and what doesn’t; what systems to use for fat loss or muscle gain and what movements you MUST always perform. Using these methods, I have been able to help people reach their goals in record time.

Plus I’ve had a load of fun doing it.
I love steak and don’t think chocolate will kill you. I welcome a BBQ at any time of the day, take numerous photos of my cat and love every single Schwarzenegger movie. I am an avid fan of Fulham FC , albeit because my Dad made me.


  • Level 4 Personal Trainer in Diabetes and ObesityLevel 3 GP Referral Instructor
  • B.Sc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science (1st Class)
  • UKSCA Novice Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Current exercise researcher for NHS Diabetes/Visual Impairment UK
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