Ed Cooper

Photo 21-04-2014 16 49 57My journey into this all started as an over weight and un-fit guy looking to change his body. So I joined a gym and begun the long process of sort out my diet and training. I lost over 50lbs and have never looked back.

During this journey I made a ton of mistakes and tried a whole host of different approaches to getting in shape, some where good, some where bad and some where just plain ugly! This gave me a great foundation to support others in achieving and realising their own goals, so I trained to be a personal trainer.

I began to specialise in weight loss and support, and got pretty good results with my clients. However it wasn’t until I combined a more specific approach to nutrition that the transformations really begun. I hate diets and so do my clients so I thought why not make it easy? Rather than imposing strict plans on people I aim to change the relationship you have with food and get you to cook proper wholesome and healthy dishes. Breaking bad habits and gradually building this healthy approach into your lifestyle is the secret to the transformation I have seen and been a part of. No fancy pills, microwave dinners or slimming bars just good, honest cooking. Along with this improved approach to nutrition I also started to implement different types of training with my clients, using more specific training protocols that target body fat and build lean tissue and so came the first program cooperfitness.co.uk – high intensity interval training and full body circuit., plenty more of these will be online here soon so please use them and let me know how you get on. I promise you that if you follow the programs we set out you will achieve your goals just as I did some 10 years ago.

I never believed that I would inspire and support thousands of people to make positive changes to their bodies but hey I guess dreams do come true!

  • Level 4 Personal trainer in obesity and diabetes
  • Level 3 GP referral Instructor
  • Plant based and sports nutrition certified
  • Nutrition and weight Management advisor
  • Group fitness instructor
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