Cooper fitness has been created by passionate fitness professionals and athletes to share our knowledge and expertise with  people around the globe. We are passionate about providing honest, simple and reliable information to everyone that we train and speak with.

The mission is simple – we want to help as many people as we can to reach their goals and then maintain them living a happier and healthier life. No  yo-yo results or unrealistic training regimes that not even the highest paid celebrities could stick too, just training and tips that work in educating you to become how you want to be.

We each have unique areas of expertise working with hundreds of individuals all with very different goals and aims. This has given us the tools we need to provide proven results and positively impact peoples lives.

This blog also doesn’t exist specifically to make money or push products to people, it exist to help and guide people, the money made keeps things running and allow us to do what we love.

Got questions? Then please if you want to know something contact us, no question is stupid , in fact they are vital in the process of learning how to improve. And trust us we’ve answered questions for many years to all our clients with nothing but care and honesty.

The people behind the information

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Ed Cooper

Founder of cooperfitness.co.uk and the guy that makes all the food!

My journey into this all started as an over weight and un-fit guy looking to change his body. So I joined a gym and begun the long process of sort out my diet and training. I lost over 50lbs and have never looked back.

This gave me a great foundation to support others in achieving and realising their own goals, so I trained to be a level 3 Advanced personal trainer.

My passion resides within nutrition, I love the art of making food thats fun and healthy, i also dig the taste of it too! So have taken further education in plant based diets and weight management.


Nathan Da Costa

Strength and conditioning guru!

Brighton based personal trainer, coach and BS.c Sport Scientist.

My passion resides in sports, particularly football, and have served as a strength coach to athletes of all levels. However, I have also trained a lot of people who don’t care about performance and just want to look good with their clothes off. I’m cool with that too.


Tom Key

Muay Thai and fitness advisor

East Grinstead based Muay Thai fighter & general fitness addict. Former English Champion.

I focus on working on the whole package as a fighter incorporate technique, fitness, conditioning, speed, strength, and power. I've become aware of what works and knowledgeable on the balance of training and lifestyle.

Md tyre flip

Michelle Davidson

Female fitness contributor

I’m an alpha girl! I’m a female that isn’t afraid to train in the big boy’s weights area of the gym. I love the squat rack. I eat out of Tupperware in public and laugh when people think protein shakes will make you look like Mr Schwarzenegger.

I am a Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor and I want to help others achieve, train for results and if that means doing something different to the norm then even better!