“Treat meals”

You’ve smashed it up all year training and dieting super hard. Having salad instead of chips and skipping dessert each time you go out for dinner but you’re seeming to see the scales move or see results. Its time to restore your bodies anti-starvation hormone and push past the plateau.

Leptin is the Anti Starvation Hormone and it helps to regulate the amount of body fat that you carry.

During prolonged periods of dieting leptin levels decrease meaning your bodies hormonal response is to protect and preserve body fat incase of starvation. We where all cavemen once upon a time and it’s our natural defence mechanism. In turn this process slows down fat loss and most importantly results.

By eating a large carbohydrate meal the process is reversed and leptin level rise. This helps to reset the starvation button in the body and lets the body start to drop body fat again while you get back on your healthy eating plan.

Long term you’ll actually burn more fat and remain sane from enjoying the occasional treat meal. The secret is to limit treat meals to a maximum of once a week.

Remember it’s not about dieting so hard you don’t enjoy life. You need to find a good balance between enjoying a meal with your family and working towards your goals. Treat meals give you the freedom you need and what your body is actually asking for!

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