The golden rules for eating to get in shape

It’s no use pumping all that iron if your diet isn’t right. So often we find people are eating in the wrong way to support their goal. Don’t be afraid of calories from healthy and balanced meals and snacks, just make sure you keep to the rules below.

Eat after exercise
Training seriously depletes your body’s energy supplies, so you’ll need to get some fast-acting carbs inside you, along with quality protein to fuel and repair muscles.

Drink plenty of water
Don’t just drink before, during or after training, try to keep topped up all the time. dehydration slows down your metabolism and will also have a dramatic impact on your energy levels. Aim to drink two to thee litres a day. grab yourself a water bottle and keep tabs on how many times you fill it up during the day.

Eat Fat
Its true that the body needs fat but not in the form of choclates and burgers. The essential fatty acids found in oily fish, nuts and olive oil will prevent muscle breakdown and replenish the fat stores that are needed to sustain energy levels.

Ditch the booze
They dont call it a beer felly for nothing. the average pint of lager contains almost 200 empty calories, and when calories dont have any use in the body, they are usually stored as fat, leading to drink-induced love handles. If you are serious about getting your six-pack, keep your sessions in the pub to a minimum.

Take a rest day
Not only will a day of complete rest restore tired muscles and maximise your gains, it will also lower the levels of the stress hormoe cortisol. this little stress chemical can stimulate fat cells to grow and mulitipy, especially around the abdominal area.

Make your plate colourful
Your body needs to be well stocked with vitamins and minerals to keep your energy levels up and boost your immune system. Fruits and vegtables are also very filling thanks to their high volume of water. This allows you to fill up with fewer calories and get more fat-absorbing fibre.

Treat yourself
Once you have got the hang of eating nutritionally balanced meals and exercise regularly, you can introduce occasional forbidden foods. Just make sure your regular meals are healthy and you plan in your treat meals. Check out this post on why this helps your body in getting the result you want..



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