Michelle Davidson

Md tyre flipI am a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about nutrition, training and empowering other people, especially females, to achieve their goals.

I’m going to be honest and say here that, for my sins, I’m a full time caged desk bound office monkey! You may now be questioning why I’m appearing on Cooperfitness so let me explain; I’m an alpha girl! I’m a female that isn’t afraid to train in the big boy’s weights area of the gym. I love the squat rack. I eat out of Tupperware in public and laugh when people think protein shakes will make you look like Mr Schwarzenegger.  I train for strength and performance which means constantly challenging myself by lifting heavier weights and always having a goal to work towards. I’m not afraid to train “differently” and want to show you how you can too.

Firstly, a little bit of background on me. I was a strong athlete in school with a wide range of capabilities (think Jessica Ennis although not quite as good). I starting kickboxing at the age of 20 and worked my way up to a brown belt before I discovered that although I loved the fitness side of the sport, I wasn’t fond of sparring. I joined a gym and would do a couple of light weights sessions but boy did I love my cardio classes! Combat, attack, spinning, you name it I was there at the front every week, same days, same classes, same results.

 Bored of not seeing the progress I wanted, I looked at strength programmes designed for women and from here my body started to change, as did my mindset. I did more research, tried different programmes and learnt that men and women don’t have to train differently to achieve an athletic physique. Now, my training is based upon my goals. I lift heavy weights, flip tyres, sprint, squat, deadlift and all those other manly body building exercises women supposedly shouldn’t do!

I am a Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor and am currently training to become a qualified sport massage therapist. Both experiences have helped increase my knowledge of the human body and how it can perform optimally. I want to help others achieve, train for results and if that means doing something different to the norm then even better!

I love chocolate, believe retail therapy is a necessity, own a vast shoe and trainer collection which I’m unashamedly proud of and laugh loudly a lot. Football and Formula 1 are my sports of choice (largely influenced by having three brothers) and dancing in clubs serves its purpose too! Oh, did I happen to mention I like to lift weights?

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