Carb Timing


In the NO-Carb crazed world we live in it seems that every celeb is ditching carbs to drop a jean size but long term this is impossible to stick too and really very restrictive for us normal folk. The secret is all in the timing. Get it right and you willThis eating plan will fat without ditching carbs.

Carbs are your body’s most accessible store of energy if you are trying to lose fat rapidly limiting the total amount of carbs you take in will force the body to burn fat as a fuel , great no carbs for me every again I hear you thinking. The down side to making the body work off its fat reserve is that it much harder for the body to process and will greatly reduce your performance in time wrecking your workouts so that your gains are limited.

This is where the carb neutral idea of eating comes in. taking in just enough carbohydrates are the correct times to ensure that you maximise your burn of fat and effctivness in the gym.

What you will do from here is manipulate your carb intake and it’s timing. The strategy is simple: eat the majority of your carbs around your workouts and on your rest days in your first meal so that you have time to burn them off with activity and train hard enough to kick start your body’s metabolism.

The rest of your meals should be taken at regular intervals and contain good sources of protein and veggies.

The results are a cleaner and leaner eating plan that fuels your body correctly and wont leave you craving energy

Try this for 4 weeks and see how you feel at the end.

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